Galway Technical Institute is one of the leading colleges of Further Education in Ireland, providing
FETAC Level 5 & 6 courses to over 1,300 learners annually. Our mission is to develop the
knowledge, skills and competencies of our learners by designing programmes that are innovative
and of high quality, and to deliver the programmes in a learning environment that reflects the
complexity and challenge of a changing world.

A suite of fashion courses carefully tailored to suit the different career paths available in the ever-expanding global fashion industry are available at GTI. Learn key skills, practical knowledge and develop your design and creative concepts to produce work of a high professional standard. To apply visit www.GTI.ie

If you would like to submit images or articles for The Style we are always looking for talented writers and photographers. If you are interested you can Email our editors at thestyledotie@gmail.com. All comments and feedback are welcome.
Our Applied Learning approach is designed to enable students learn more effectively in real-life
situations. Applied Learning provides our students with learning experiences that involve solving
problems that are based on real-life situations. As part of this Applied learning approach The Style.ie is operated and maintained by our Fashion courses and tutors.

For more information visit www.GTI.ie

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