An interview with Linda Conway

By Roisin Power

Why did you choose GTI? 
I wanted an overall insight into the different areas of fashion. The fashion industry practice had a practical on hands approach and covered all areas I had ever considered.

What have you been doing since GTI?
After GTI, I got accepted to colleges in London, Leeds and Dublin. I choose to go to Dublin as I got accepted into the degree year of visual merchandising and display. The main attraction was that there was a work placement. I did mine with stylist Angela Scanlon, I guess everything just fell into place from there.

How did GTI fashion industry practice help you with your career?
The course was gave me the opportunity to experience the different areas of the industry. As Ireland has such a small fashion industry areas always cross over, you’ve got to have a finger in every pie. What I learned in the course has become invaluable to me.  You were introduced to all aspects of the industry. It wasn’t until I had left that I realised that the course was the absolute back bone of my career.

What has been the most interesting part of your career so far? 
Its all been really exciting. I’ve got to work with some really talented people and go some amazing places. Everyday really differs. One week I was in Paris shooting by the Champs Elysees, the next, I was in a field in Kilkenny doing another shoot surrounded pigs. Other than that it’s either TV, writing or personal shopping. I feel really lucky to have had such great experiences and opportunities so early in my career.

What is your favourite thing about been a stylist?
I guess it’s the creative side. I work with some really talented photographers and brands. We get together and come up with ideas and themes. I love personal shopping too. When you meet a person who has no confidence in their style and walk away feeling amazing, it’s nice to feel you were a part of that.

When did you first realise you wanted a career in fashion?
I have a sketch book from when I was 6, I spent hours drawing clothes. Growing up there was nothing more I loved than flicking through fashion magazines. I always knew it was the only thing I ever wanted to do I just wasn’t sure what area was best for me; GTI really helped me make that decision.

Best thing about your job?
Meeting and working with new people all the time, the fact that no day is ever the same, getting to go into a shop and pick up a magazine and see your name to your work.

What and who inspires you?
Everything! My friends, my family, music, places I’ve been, the list goes on. I’m a freak for keeping lists so if I get inspired I write it down or take a quick snap.

How would you describe your sense of style?
It’s pretty contradictory to be fair. It’s evolved over the last couple of years, now it’s mainly casual and a bit androgynous. I love strong tailored pieces with the odd print, chiffon or bright colour thrown in for good measure.

What are your Favourite high street shops and why?
Zara, for it’s tailoring and sleek silhouettes. Topshop, for more trend driven and fun pieces. COS, for basics and great shapes.

What are your favourite items of clothes?
Skinny jeans, Chelsea boots, a great leather jacket, perfectly tailored blazer, chunky skyscrapers, a sequins mini and a denim shirt. Finally, as much rose gold jewellery as you shake a stick at.

Your favourite looks for Autumn/winter?
Psychedelic prints layering, ornate brocade and velvet.

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