Interview with Portobello Boutique Owner

What got you into fashion? Did you always want to have your own boutique?
Not necessarily but glad now that I do. My love of fashion, designers and good quality clothes made me want to be involved in fashion.
Did you work in retail before you started your own business? 
No, I worked in a salon for 6 and a half years doing hair and beauty and there was a space in the building so I started Portobello.
Describe a typical day for you? 
Busy and always thinking ahead about my next steps.

Was it difficult in the beginning starting your business? Did you do a lot of market research and what obstacles did you face?
Yes, I think its always difficult starting any business. But with a lot of hard work and determination you can make anything happen.
How do you source your merchandise?
I buy from London, New York, Dublin and many other places and then I also take designer items from people and sell them for them.

Did you do a course in fashion or business before setting up Portobello?
I suppose I did some business in school and a little in college while studying computers,I think its just in my blood.
Have you any advice to share with us?
Plenty, where do I start… just believe in yourself, be positive and follow your dream.

Do we have to make an appointment if we are interested in selling our goods? Saturday’s are our busiest day’s so an appointment is necessary but any other day you can just pop in.

Is it just designer brands you stock?
No, we stock designer brands and some high street.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
With many Branches around Ireland and London, and with my own label and selling it worldwide.

By Rachel Doran and Eve Landers

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