Interview with Cat O’Donohoe (GTI)

Why did you choose to be a Make Up Artist?

Since a very young age I always knew I’d end up doing something with
Art. I completed a portfolio preparation course in Limerick and loved
drawing and painting, when choosing my 3rd level I wanted to do
something that incorporated this and also offered me the prospects of
a job when I left college, out of this the Makeup Artistry idea was

Where did you study Make Up Artistry?

IADT Dún Laoghaire and International School of Makeup Artistry

Can you tell me about your work experience prior to working in GTI.

I have had the privilege of working in every aspect of the industry
over the last few years from Fashion and Film to Theatres and Salons
around Galway and the Country. I work a lot with Macnas Theatre
Company and collaborated with other Theatre companies on various plays
between the Town Hall, Nuns Island and Bank of Ireland Theatre NUI. I
have designed makeup for TV Pilots, Miss Galway and The Lost Circus
and taken part in various Fashion shows Hair shows and charity events
around Ireland, Britain and Madrid. I have also taught Master classes
in The International School of Makeup Artistry Briarhill as well as
GTI. Never a dull moment! 

Why do you enjoy working in GTI?

I love being a member of the teaching staff at GTI because it has an
incredible attitude and approach to learning which mirrors how I like
to teach my students. We aim to give the students a rounded education
and learning the subject matter by getting involved and doing it. I
think it prepares students for the transition to third level or out
into the working world and gives us the opportunity to tailor and
teach the individual as well as the class as an entirety. It’s a great
added bonus to be proud of where you work!

What has been the highlight of your career?

There have been so many amazing moments through my career where I have
stopped and realised how much I love my job! Starting to teach others
was a huge moment and most recently was representing Ireland with
Hairdresser Sara Mason and model Aine Kavanagh in the Wella
Trendvision 2012 world finals in Madrid in which we came 5th out of
over 60 countries, that was pretty mind-blowing! As I said with this
career there’s never a dull moment so you never know what is around
the corner!

Why would you encourage people to do Make Up Artistry?

I think it is an exciting and rewarding career, there is a lot of hard
work involved but like anything worth doing the rewards outweigh the

What do you look for in people who are applying to do the course?

All I want to see in people applying for the course is a passion for
makeup artistry as a career and a willingness to work at it! This
doesn’t mean they have to be excellent at makeup before they start,
just have the drive to learn all aspects involved! This can be
displayed in the interview as pictures taken from magazines, rough
sketches of ideas or even Makeup looks attempted on themselves,
friends and family!

Is there any advice you would give to someone who is interested in
doing the course?

Research. Have a look on the internet, the GTI Makeup Artistry
Facebook page etc to get a feel for exactly what is involved with
choosing Makeup Artistry as a career, there can still be a certain
amount of mix up between doing beauty and choosing makeup artistry,
although they are quite similar in some instances they are completely
different too, its important to know whats involved before you choose
your path!

What is your favourite aspect of the teaching the MakeUp Artistry Course?

All of it! I love being able to teach new and exciting techniques to
students and it helps so much when students also love what we are doing!

What modules do you teach?
Makeup Application,Fashion and Media Makeup, Theatrical Makeup, Specialised Makeup effects

What is your favourite and least favourite module and why?

None! All the modules are relevant so learning one feeds into the next
which keeps it interesting!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully still teaching! I love my job and still have the ability to
take part in outside events which is great for the students work
experience opportunities too!

Where can someone progress to after doing this course?

Past students are now working in various areas in the industry from
Makeup Retail counters in both Brown Thomas and Debenhams Galway and
across the country to Freelancing as Bridal and Special occasion
Artists and Photography work.

With the skills acquired from the course students are more versatile
in their range of experience and skills going into the working world.
Some students have also progressed to 3rd level education in similar
fields gaining an even more rounded education in their chosen area.

What do students go on to do after successfully completing the course?

Freelance Makeup Artistry, Retail, Beauty, Fashion and photography!
During the course students get a taste of all aspects Makeup artistry
as a career leaving them free to pursue their chosen area or work in
all of them!

By Rachel Doran and Eve Landers

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