Street Style created by Shannon Barry

As a working girl and full time student, I always like to be comfortable but still remain true to my girly sense of style. I love dresses, skirts, frills and everything like that. At the moment, my go to wardrobe piece for college is a smock dress. I have three and they are so easy to wear and involve minimal effort or planning.

My most recent purchase is this floral high necked style dress from It adds a pop of colour to my wardrobe and it’s great for Spring/Summer. It’s warm, comfortable, easy to change out of (which is great for me when changing into my work uniform) and can be styled for both formal and casual occasions. And guess what? This one retails at 26 euro.

Unfortunately I had to take the pictures inside as the weather was being extremely uncooperative. This time, I wore it with studded boots that I also got from to add a bit of glamour!



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