The Pen Portrait

As part of our fashion buying & retailing module we have to carry out an exercise called a Pen Portrait as part of our first assignment on buying for a store of our choice.

 A Pen Portrait is a written description of a target customer. It explains their interests, hobbies, their style whether they follow trends or whether they have their own personal style and what influences their style such as music or day to day events. We gave the customer a name to humanize them.

 Once we had written up our Pen Portraits, we exchanged them with each other in order to see if we could identify which shop the customer was targeted towards, most of us guessed them right. We then had to make a mood board to visualize their lifestyle.

 So now here is the fun part, I will share my Pen Portrait with you and see if you can guess which shop my customer is targeted towards, I will also share my mood board with you, which I created in Photoshop.

 Pen Portrait

Gwen is  21 years old and is an only child. She is living in Aberdeen with her parents as she finds it’s not affordable to live on her own. Her mum is a stay at home mom and her dad works away a lot. Gwen comes from an upper class family. She loves spending time with her parents and tries to bond a lot with her dad before it is time for him to go to work again. She is very close to her mum and they love to borrow clothes from each other.

Gwen is a student at the Robert Gordon University studying fashion management and is in her second year. Fashion has always been Gwen’s passion. Gwen has a part time job working in a shoe shop so that she can afford the things she likes and socialise with her friends. Jumpers and bags are Gwen’s favourite items. She also loves accessories. Gwen is a sociable and fun loving person. She enjoys music and one of her favourite bands is little mix. In her spare time she reads novels, fashion books and sketches fashion illustrations. Company magazine is her favourite which she picks up every month and admires the fashion collage pages. Gwen enjoys dressing up and looking good, it boosts her confidence when she feels good in what she is wearing. She dares when it comes to fashion, having her own personal style is important. She likes to customise her own clothes giving it her personal touch. She dresses in very quirky outfits that get noticed. Gwen’s friends are important to her. She enjoys meeting up for tea/coffee and spending afternoons vintage hunting for bargains. Movie nights in gives her the opportunity to wear casual and comfortable clothes such as her pajamas. Gwen spends far too much money on PJ purchases. Gwen welcomes every opportunity to dress up, she is not a big fan of clubbing but would make the effort for her friends if they want to go. Gwen prefers shorts rather than dresses and she would match the outfit up with a lacy top and ankle boots.

Gwen goes shopping on a regular basis and unless she is looking for something in particular she will shop for casual wear. Her favourite shops include  New Look, Primark, Topshop and vintage stores. Gwen has a soft spot for vintage clothing. It allows her to feel and look different from others in the high street. Having her own image is important to Gwen. She cleverly compares prices and searches for quality determining what is worth the money before purchasing.

Comfort is Gwen’s priority when it comes to style. Her style icons are Jade ThirlWall, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. Gwens favourite season of the year is Winter so the majority of her clothing are jumpers, boots and cardigans. Jewellery wise she loves to keep it simple and prefers silver jewellery over gold but likes gold statement pieces.

 Mood Board


By Shannen van Ravestijn

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