Recycled Garment created by Amy Holland

The inspiration for my recycled garment originally came from the sports looks that have recently featured on many catwalks. This inspired me to use footballs as my material for this design project. I investigated how I could work and use this material to create a garment and found that the individual segments of a football have a unique and striking appearance. The strength of the material then inspired me to think about garments inspired by armour to represent this strength. A playsuit with shoulder pads was the result. I separated the individual football segments and resewed them in the patterns I wanted. The graphic simplicity of the segments didn’t suit a complicated design and I felt a simple shape best portrayed the strength and masculinity of the initial concept for the garment. I chose to photograph my garment with a sense of harshness and strength to compliment the design so I chose an old, abandoned bridge as my location and styled the garment simply, with striped tights and sporty trainers to compliment the original material.

Stylist/Photographer: Amy Holland

Model: Lisa Holland
Garment by Amy Holland

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