From GTI to the ‘Oscars’

Laura-Jayne Halton was a Design FETAC Level 6 student in Galway Technical Institute in 201o/2011.  She was featured in the GTI’s Fashion Fiesta 2012 as an up and coming past pupil designer. This year she has surpassed all expectations by designing a dress for an Academy Award Nominee.  Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly is nominated for her Short Animation Film called ‘Head Over Heels’ and Laura-Jayne has the amazing task of designing her gown for the event.

Laura-Jayne heard Fodhla hadn’t decided on a designer for the event so on a whim she sent her an email congratulating her and sent along her ‘look book’.  Then to her surprise she received a reply saying that Fodhla loved her work and could she do a few sketches?  Laura-Jayne sent off her sketches and got a fantastic reply, ‘These are exquisite and we’d be delighted to have you as the designer’, says Selina Mills, Fodhla’s stylist.

When Laura-Jayne had been asked about the details of her design she is quoted saying, “We discussed it and she’d (Fodhla) like to keep a little bit of suspense and mystery about it.  It’s such a brilliant occasion so we’ll make the most out of it and it is nice to get a surprise. As I said to John (on the John Murray RTE Radio Show), it’s very classic and feminine, it’s an approach I take with all of my designs and it suits her down to a T, well hopefully!”

While on the John Murray RTE Show, Laura-Jayne had another turn of good luck.  James Murphy, CEO of Lifes2Good rang the Murray show and offered to fly Laura-Jayne out to LA to personally fit the dress on Cronin O’Reilly.  Halton is flying out a few days before the event to absorb the atmosphere and make the final touches to the gown.

Stay in touch with for more details of Laura-Jayne’s exciting adventure post Oscar’s!!!

By Carol Walsh

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