February Wish List created by Shannon Barry






Spring is always a great time to add a pop of colour to your dark winter wardrobe. Yes, we still need to keep some of the winter woolies out because we do live in Ireland but who’s to say that it has to be the same old clothes we’ve been wearing all season?

I’ve been browsing online lately and the pastel options will be the end of me! There are some gorgeous pieces and I am also a sucker for boots. So here are my top 5 February wish list items.

1. Textured mint coat from Topshop // 2. The Fault in Our Stars (available in all book stores) // 3. Baby pink Kimono from River Island // 4. Initial “S” bangle from Alex and Ani // 5. Plated heeled boots from boohoo.com

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,
Shannon Barry.

Spring Couture Top 5 by Sinead Reilly

Today marks the end of Couture Fashion Week in Paris. *tear*

Many say that haute couture doesn’t have much of a place in fashion anymore, but for me couture allows a designer to show their most creative ideas, without having to conform to the mainstreams aesthetic.

Here are my top picks;


Chanel have basically announced with this collection that it is perfectly acceptable to prance around wearing sneakers and a couture gown. Karl, you always have our best interests at heart. <3


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I cannot resist a black lace dress.  Elie Saab incorporates everything I love in a dress; class, sex appeal, lace and a touch of Hollywood Glamour.


To be honest, it’s not the dress that caught my eye at all in this look (pardon the pun).  Maison Martin Margiela has yet again produced for us a wonderfully weird collection of avant garde outfits. Not exactly sure where you would don those glaring eye sleeves, but I’m sure someone will do it on the red carpet soon enough. (I’m looking at you Gaga!)


In this collection from Christian Dior, Raf Simmons stepped away his usual highly tailored couture pieces for a lighter feel to mimic the aesthetic of the founder of the brand, who Simmons says “loved moment in his clothes”. The whole collection centred around Simmons’ cut work, with minimal styling to accentuate the work that had gone into each garment. The way in which the  garments skimmed the models frames, and the peek-a-boo effect the cut-outs create add a dimension of sensuality to the collection.


Zuhair Murad was a name I was unfamiliar with until this Couture Fashion Week, and I am baffled as to how it took me so long to find out who he is! His collection was a ménage of  beautiful white tailored pieces and flowing ball gowns. It was so hard to choose just one look from this collection, but the tailoring of these high-waisted pants just blew me away! I feel like this would be what a modern day elf would wear on an average day in the office. Elvish chic?!

Hope you enjoyed my posts guys! Leave a comment below with the link to some of your favourite looks from Couture Fashion Week!

Sinead x

Lennon Courtney – New Fashion Line from Off the Rails Stars

The Style was delighted to learn of the upcoming collection from RTE Off the Rails stars Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney (MC of last year’s GTI Fashion Fiesta). You can never have enough home grown talent!


The fashion line titled Lennon Courtney will launch its first collection on February 19thnationwide, with the full 32 piece collection exclusively stocked in Arnotts, Dublin.

Prices range from €54 to €389 with items including classic shirts, pencil skirts, cashmere boyfriend jumpers and simple shift dresses.


Here is a sneak peek at some of our favourite pieces from the Spring/Summer collection. .


To find out more information about the brand and to check out the full collection, check out their website www.lennoncourtney.com

By Labhaoise Kennedy

From GTI to the ‘Oscars’

Laura-Jayne Halton was a Design FETAC Level 6 student in Galway Technical Institute in 201o/2011.  She was featured in the GTI’s Fashion Fiesta 2012 as an up and coming past pupil designer. This year she has surpassed all expectations by designing a dress for an Academy Award Nominee.  Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly is nominated for her Short Animation Film called ‘Head Over Heels’ and Laura-Jayne has the amazing task of designing her gown for the event.

Laura-Jayne heard Fodhla hadn’t decided on a designer for the event so on a whim she sent her an email congratulating her and sent along her ‘look book’.  Then to her surprise she received a reply saying that Fodhla loved her work and could she do a few sketches?  Laura-Jayne sent off her sketches and got a fantastic reply, ‘These are exquisite and we’d be delighted to have you as the designer’, says Selina Mills, Fodhla’s stylist.

When Laura-Jayne had been asked about the details of her design she is quoted saying, “We discussed it and she’d (Fodhla) like to keep a little bit of suspense and mystery about it.  It’s such a brilliant occasion so we’ll make the most out of it and it is nice to get a surprise. As I said to John (on the John Murray RTE Radio Show), it’s very classic and feminine, it’s an approach I take with all of my designs and it suits her down to a T, well hopefully!”

While on the John Murray RTE Show, Laura-Jayne had another turn of good luck.  James Murphy, CEO of Lifes2Good rang the Murray show and offered to fly Laura-Jayne out to LA to personally fit the dress on Cronin O’Reilly.  Halton is flying out a few days before the event to absorb the atmosphere and make the final touches to the gown.

Stay in touch with thestyle.ie for more details of Laura-Jayne’s exciting adventure post Oscar’s!!!

By Carol Walsh


Dressing Lady Gaga and Kate Moss has become part of the days work for young Irish Designer Sorcha O Raghallaigh. Sorcha studied at GTI before moving to London to further her studies and says of her time at GTI ‘It was a crucial foundation for my future education and career. In my time at GTI I learned how to push existing skills and explore many mediums to develop new skills, which were vital in forming a strong portfolio. I really expanded my creative ability in that time and progressed essential skills in drawing and presentation which have been invaluable throughout my further education and career’. Based in Homerton, East London, Religious iconography is a recurring fascination and inspiration for Sorcha. She uses layering, embellishment, lace and crochet in her work to amazing effect. Of her designs she says ’I am drawn to the idea of religious celebration and ritual, like the Mexican Day of the Dead, probably because of my upbringing. My parents weren’t particularly religious but my grandmother was obsessed with it and I think I have an appreciation aesthetically of it and how people can be consumed by it’

Early in 2012, Sorcha was chosen by Selfridges to participate in their ‘Bright Young Things’ Project and is the first Irish designer to have an entire window on London’s Oxford Street dedicated to her.  She created a stunning window installation with a three metre high mannequin in a blood red dress and a heavily embellished mask ‘to make it look a bit creepy’. The talented young designers complete Spring / Summer 2012 collection was snapped up by Selfridges and sold within a pop-up shop in the store and online. Sorcha has also collaborated on prestigious projects with BT in Dublin in 2012. She produces a collection each season and her pieces  feature regularly in top Fashion Titles including British Vogue, i-D, LOVE Magazine and In Style.

LOVE Magazine is arguably the most prestigious high-end magazine available on magazine stands, attracting world class contributors to its fashion forward pages. Edited by Katie Grand, herself a renowned stylist with a visionary approach to creative imaging and a reputation for discovering the brightest shining stars of the future, LOVE is the high-end publication for those who know their fashion. In a sublime Photo Shoot for the title, Kate Moss is photographed by international Fashion Photographer Tim Walker wearing one of Sorchas glorious designs. This must be any young designers wish crystellised and reflects the regard and admiration with which Sorchas work is held within the Industry. Also in 2012, Lady GAGA guested on The Graham Norton show appearing in an incredible creative creation by Sorcha. Lady Gaga didn’t forget to mention the designers name on the show, a mark of the esteem Gaga has for the young Irish Designer. Sorcha continues to make pieces for the singer. ’I get a call about once a month and I make a lot of stuff, not all of which is worn, but it pays the rent and it’s fun and intense’ she smiles. Not many can claim to pay the bills with the help of a cheque from Lady Gaga!! Sorcha is a rising star in Fashion and is fast gaining an international reputation as an outstanding creative talent. Her light is burning brightly. And it all started here in Galway at GTI.

By Orla Moore

Review of Valentino: Master of Couture Exhibition

Valentino: Master of Couture Exhibition

Somerset House, London

29 November 2012 – 3 March 2013

Last week I was lucky enough to visit this amazing exhibition which lets you into the life and works of Valentino.  It  showcases over 130 exquisite haute couture designs worn by icons such as Jackie Kennedy OnassisGrace KellySophia Loren and Gwyneth Paltrow in a specially created installation at Somerset House, London.

Valentino himself at the exhibition.

The exhibits are divided into three sections.  You start by taking a private view of Valentino’s world through his own personal photographs, brochures, designs and memoires, all offering an intimate portrait into a life of a master.

Valentino Memoires.

Moving upstairs you then walk onto the catwalk of a couture fashion show where roles are reversed with visitors walking the catwalk to view an unbelievable display of Valentino’s stunning haute couture designs.

Some of the outfits on display at the exhibition.

Finally while walking down the stairs again you are faced with the back view of the stunning wedding dress he designed for Princess Marie Chantal of Greece which demonstrates the unbelievable work of Les Petit Mains who hand sewed every stitch. This leads you onto a display of the different techniques used to produce many of the gowns on display upstairs.  There are also screens showing short films of his team producing these designs.  Finally you are lead to discover more about the man, the icon, by exploring the Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum.

Wedding dress he designed for Princess Marie Chantal of Greece.

My heart was in my mouth all the way around.  It was a highly pleasurable experience delving into the life of a legend of the fashion industry.  The only thing missing was shaking the hand of the man himself.

A model at the exhibition.

Valention himself with some of his designs.















By Lorna Wadman

Student Work

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