‘Sweet Wilderness’ by Saskia Pechova



As  part of my Design Skills module, I have been asked to choose a retail outlet  and create an effective window display.  For this specific assignment, I have chosen Urban Outfitters as my chosen retail store to design for.

I conducted a concise customer profile, I chose an appropriate theme for the specific retail store and I created a visual mood board. From my research, I used my resources to accumulate the props needed. As a result; this is what I came up with.

As you may know, Urban Outfitters is a distinctive brand. Which focuses on uniqueness. The brand  offers an eclectic mix of merchandise. From my knowledge, I tried to incorporate simplicity but with a hint of creativity.

I hope you enjoyed my post.

Thank you for reading.


February Wish List created by Shannon Barry






Spring is always a great time to add a pop of colour to your dark winter wardrobe. Yes, we still need to keep some of the winter woolies out because we do live in Ireland but who’s to say that it has to be the same old clothes we’ve been wearing all season?

I’ve been browsing online lately and the pastel options will be the end of me! There are some gorgeous pieces and I am also a sucker for boots. So here are my top 5 February wish list items.

1. Textured mint coat from Topshop // 2. The Fault in Our Stars (available in all book stores) // 3. Baby pink Kimono from River Island // 4. Initial “S” bangle from Alex and Ani // 5. Plated heeled boots from boohoo.com

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,
Shannon Barry.

Fashion Launch

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